Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Mission - new start

Well here we are at Day 7 of my blog being disabled by blogger, and not a peep from the powers that be.

SOOOOO I made the executive decision to create a new blogger blog, and start fresh. I am hopeful that eventually my old blog will be unlocked so that I can get back my archived posts, but for now I'm just going with a clean slate.

The SUPER good news - Lauren at Restored 316 Designs will be installing my super hot new layout at the new site, so I'm kicking things off with a bang!!! The new layout will be up at some point tomorrow (Friday!) keep an eye out :)

Now make sure to tell your friends, neighbors, pets, dustbunnies, and anyone else you deem of tomorrow the new home for The $200 Mission is:

Spread the word! I will be hunting all you lurkers down over the next few days...hee hee!

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